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                Extensive use of plastic tarp

                Date:2014-3-31 17:34:50 Read:1539

                   Plastic tarp on the market now are widely used, mainly because he has his own unique advantages, here we work together to understand what purpose the plastic tarp.
                   1, can build a temporary open-air barn and covered with a variety of crops
                   2, can be used for harbor airport terminal station of open storage dumps were covered.
                   3, can be used for cars, trains, ships freight tarpaulin
                   4, can be used for electric power construction site and other sites set up temporary sheds, temporary storage of materials.
                   5, it can be processed and a variety of camping equipment tents outside the sheath.
                   6, waterproof, mildew functionality and lightweight materials, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, washing and folding convenient features, so it can be used to store and easy tide easily broken items.
                   Plastic tarp over the six main purpose is, there are many other uses not here with you every one of them introduced, more detailed information is welcome to visit a plastic tarp.
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