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                Rubber molding options

                Date:2014-3-31 17:29:36 Read:1806

                   Utilized in the production process of rubber calender or extruder Stock preformed shape, the size is not the same process is called forming.Forming method, 
                    1, for the manufacture of simple calendering the sheet, plate products.It is the mix through a calender press to shape, a method of film sizes. Some rubber products such as tires, tape, hose and other materials used in textile fibers coated with a thin layer of glue must.Gumming step are generally completed on the calender.The purpose of the fibrous material is required before the drying and calendering the dried dipped fibers in order to reduce the water content of the foaming material to prevent evaporation and raise the temperature of the fibrous material to ensure the quality of the rolling process.Dipping step is required before the object is to improve the combination of hanging plastic materials and rubber properties of the fiber material.
                    2, extrusion molding for more complex products such as tire tread rubber, rubber hose, wire surface covered with plastic extrusion molding requires a method of manufacturing.It is under a certain plasticity of the mix into the hopper of the extruder screw extruder through various inner mouth template for a type of method is also called continuous shape.Rubber extrusion must be preheated before making rubber soft and easy to get out so smooth, accurate size rubber products.
                   3, molding molding method can also be used to manufacture certain complex shapes, such as cups, seals and rubber productsWith molded male and female mold the plastic material is placed in the mold thermoforming.

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