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                Editorial staff to introduce you to how to maintain a plastic tarp

                Date:2014-3-31 17:25:05 Read:2152

                 Editorial staff to introduce you to how to maintain a plastic tarp

                   Here today, the editorial staff to introduce how to make a plastic tarp maintenance?
                   1, the first serious study under a tarp in the instructions, and then the tarp installation, the installation process should pay attention and do some of the details to install tarp, such as tarpaulin deduction system is not a good position it properly and so on.
                  2, in the course should be aware that if there is sharp or very sharp objects must be put properly, and do not let the tarp to prevent scratches affect future results, there is even accidentally scratched , and it does not matter, timely repair work to do on the tarp, such as patches, so that the use of tarpaulin to achieve maximum results.
                   3, tarpaulin when not in use, to receive a good, all the parts have to collect complete, do not miss anything, so next time use will be missing parts, not well covered items.
                  4, the handling of the tarp note gently to ensure a safe place, do not put too high temperatures, as well as prohibited fireworks. So as not to set fire to the tarpaulin or tarp following items resulting in unnecessary losses.
                  5, tarpaulin to do cleaning work, and after use, do not use if you have some time to close up when needed, be sure to carry a tarp simple cleanup. Objects in the tarp to prevent rot, corrosion tarp.
                   6, to be kept for a long time to dry tarp often look to avoid the growth of bacteria on the tarpaulin, a certain impact on the tarp life.
                  In summary, we use the time to carefully point, Yan Tong remind you to do maintenance work late!
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