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                Plastic tarp technical process analysis

                Date:2014-3-31 17:20:51 Read:1688

                   The main component of plastic tarp is non-combustible fiber with fire, and its performance is the most important high temperature, fire effect is very obvious, in addition, also has a sealed, anti-corrosive, non-irritating, etc. Teeter point of rain, wind other effects can be well protected.
                  With the development of the times, all industries are booming, the manufacturer is mushroomed after another,Whether it is the development of industrial raw materials, industrial equipment manufacturers, or the automobile manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and other living manufacturers who are faced with a problem in the production process, that is, the safety of the product inventory,Whether it is raining, etc., dust and other natural factors, human factors or fire, are a serious threat to the safety of products, particularly in the transportation of products of this problem has become more prominent.The emergence of plastic tarp to make this problem has been solved.
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