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                How to buy a plastic tarp

                Date:2014-3-31 17:18:42 Read:1507

                 Sales of plastic tarp for its high quality, good after-sales, loved by our customers, the market has a good reputation.Here is the introduction of high-quality plastic tarp on how to buy the right.
                 1, at the time of purchase, a plastic tarp is possible to test the water, a good plastic tarp products after rubbing his hand and then see if it is topped with water leakage, if poor quality plastic tarp will problematic.
                  2, the quality of the plastic tarpaulin very important criteria is the latitude and longitude of a reference density, the higher the density, the strength, the better, the better the quality is.
                 3, see the appearance, the more rough on the surface, the lower the quality, so if took a plastic tarp come, first look to see roughness, then you can try the relative softness of hand, the main material of plastic tarp this is an introduction to the material to do a very detailed explanation, see the quality of the material is from a very informative way.
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