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                How to identify quality plastic tarp

                Date:2014-4-1 8:54:42 Read:1827

                    I perennial engaged in the design and manufacture of plastic tarp, we have a superb craftsmanship and technology, product quality and the supply of competent, safe to use, the majority of customers love and favor.Here we are concerned about the quality of how to correctly identify the tarp.
                    1, density. What factors influence the quality of the plastic tarp is generally subject to it? Density of the product must be one of the important factors.Identification of the product is very simple and that is to see the latitude and longitude of products, more dense, then the quality of the product, the better.Secondly, we have the roughness of the surface of the product concerned. In the selection process, we can feel the hand of products roughness and softness. Under normal circumstances, we can according to the different feel of the product to determine the material used in the production.
                    2, test. Important characteristic of plastic tarp is waterproof, so we can try to pour a small amount of product on the surface of the water, if the water is not deep tarpaulin, the quality of these products is relatively good.
                    3, the price. Although the quality and price of these products do not exist conclusive link, but in the product price, the quality is often a certain proportion.In general, the same size, the price is relatively high, the number of good quality products. However, just as the purchase price in accordance with, often causes some disadvantages. Therefore. In considering the price factor, we have to be practical products as the main reference feature.
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