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                Plastic tarp Precautions

                Date:2014-4-1 8:50:30 Read:1648

                   Plastic tarp is very careful to use, when to use have certain requirements in order to ensure safe use. Here we take a look.
                   1, plastic tarp applies only gondola. A car thatch cover a plastic tarp.
                   2, plastic tarp thatch cover flat, no cargo exposed. From the top of the ridge, at both ends of tight corners, sides smooth lines. Size of each part is not overrun.
                   3, the rope tied knot tied in the correct position, knot securely, without slack off, tied a rope on the T-shaped iron was Diechi knot, rope tail length of more than 100 ~ 300mm.
                   4, vehicles on both sides of the plastic tarp sagging highly consistent, number exposed.
                   5, truck tarp sagging hand brake cover one end portion of the end plate length ≤ 500mm. Hand truck brake disc exposed, does not affect the hand brake disc and put the hook lever to use.
                   The use of plastic tarp is a certain preconditions, we must follow the specifications to correct use.
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