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                Plastic tarp buckle brief

                Date:2014-4-1 8:47:57 Read:1628

                    Buckle is made of plastic tarp and lock sets composed rope, rope sling sets is an oval hole in the side of the sleeve has a rope belt and keyhole of the lock locking device consisting of one side of the lock with the surface with a hangnail, keyhole equipped with card teeth, dental barb interact with the keyhole lock insert, the locking self-locking.One kind of goods involved buckle rope tarp bundled tools, especially for soft carry knotted rope locking.
                 Plastic tarpaulin products are mainly used in high-end luggage buckle production, storage and transportation of goods, port ship, army tents, industrial facilities and daily life.Tarpaulin buckle involving goods bundled tools, especially for soft knotted rope carried locking. The model is easy to use, the rope knot lock, easy to loose buttons, tied firmly to the goods.
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