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                Linyi Yan Plastic Co., Ltd. formally launched the official website

                Date:2014-3-31 17:14:19 Read:1484

                   Linyi Yan Plastic Co., Ltd. is a production, sales and export trading company, the company is headquartered in international logistics of all - Shandong Linyi.
                   The company mainly engaged in plastic products, textiles, chemical products, metal, sheet metal, labor supplies and import and export trade of rubber, building materials industry.Through the joint efforts and continuous development of the company's employees, import and export company with many years of experience, has been established in Europe and the Middle East and other countries a good long-term business trade, has achieved the export market, sales network has a good situation.
                   Company of mutual benefit, honest principles and purposes of the warm welcome businessmen came to discuss and global cooperation.In recent years, companies with good corporate reputation and rapid response mechanisms, quality products and services, with customers in 76 countries and regions to establish a long-term relationship, the formation of an efficient market service system.In actively promote our clients, forming a good momentum of development. We fervently hope that the majority of domestic and foreign businessmen came to visit the company, win together for a better future.
                    Welcome, and thank you for your attention.
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