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                • [2020-1-14]

                  Greetings from Dongming Plastics. Best wishes for

                  2019 rush about, struggle, busy, very little care for friends, at the end of the year, give you "ten hearts" : With the fate of the heart, ordinary heart, compassion, gra…

                • [2019-12-30]

                  Dongming plastic greetings sincerely wish you a ha

                  ??Greetings and sincere wishes. May happiness always be with you. May you have the hope of a happy harvest in this new year. I wish you good luck in the new year. Dongming plasti…

                • [2018-12-28]

                  Happy New Year to you all

                  With the ringing of the New Year bell, 2019 has already arrived quietly. Full of memories of 2018, we usher in 2019 together. I wish all of you a long and happy life in 2019.Happy …

                • [2018-9-20]

                  Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

                  Mid-Autumn festival, children round, miss in the heart; Deep friendship, infinite love, SMS send wishes; Happiness with, auspicious companion, happy every day; Family reunion, peop…

                • [2014-4-1]

                  How to protect the truck tarpaulin?

                  Tarpaulin is an important accessories of car, it is directly related to the stand or fall of tasks to complete.Tent to protect the car supplies does not be affected with damp be af…

                • [2014-4-1]

                  How to export rubber products

                  1, Customer Inquiry offer. 2, the two sides reached a consensus after signing the contract.3, in accordance with the terms of the contract start processing (general contract terms …

                • [2014-4-1]

                  How to get out of the doldrums of natural rubber

                  Due to the global economic downturn, rubber products as the most downstream rubber industry chain, the end result of various factors distress, and lost to stress, activity fell sh…

                • [2014-4-1]

                  China's natural rubber concern and recommendations

                   Our concern is a serious shortage of natural rubber self-sufficiency rate, foreign strategic resource reserves should be implemented as soon as possible.China is the world's larg…

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