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                Industry News
                • [2019-12-30]

                  Dongming plastic greetings sincerely wish you a ha

                  ??Greetings and sincere wishes. May happiness always be with you. May you have the hope of a happy harvest in this new year. I wish you good luck in the new year. Dongming plasti…

                • [2014-4-1]

                  Plastic tarp Precautions

                  Plastic tarp is very careful to use, when to use have certain requirements in order to ensure safe use. Here we take a look. 1, plastic tarp applies only gondola. A car thatch cov…

                • [2014-4-1]

                  Plastic tarp buckle brief

                  Buckle is made of plastic tarp and lock sets composed rope, rope sling sets is an oval hole in the side of the sleeve has a rope belt and keyhole of the lock locking device consis…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  When used in rubber production equipment which nee

                  Rubber was not much, but the production of rubber products equipment is very much, here we come to understand something: First, mixing machine: for mixing and cutting material; S…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Plastic tarpaulin production materials are closely

                  Production of plastic tarp material for future use are closely related. 1. Textiles, which is the true meaning of cloth. 2, block area is not wide, the material can be PVC or nyl…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Extensive use of plastic tarp

                  Plastic tarp on the market now are widely used, mainly because he has his own unique advantages, here we work together to understand what purpose the plastic tarp. 1, can build a …

                • [2014-3-31]

                  On the plastic tarp covers a five-step method of

                  Plastic tarp thatch cover methods for the use of a plastic tarp is very critical, responsible officer must have enough attention, here we went about the next. 1, plastic tarp posi…

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