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                Company News
                • [2020-1-14]

                  Greetings from Dongming Plastics. Best wishes for

                  2019 rush about, struggle, busy, very little care for friends, at the end of the year, give you "ten hearts" : With the fate of the heart, ordinary heart, compassion, gra…

                • [2018-12-28]

                  Happy New Year to you all

                  With the ringing of the New Year bell, 2019 has already arrived quietly. Full of memories of 2018, we usher in 2019 together. I wish all of you a long and happy life in 2019.Happy …

                • [2018-9-20]

                  Wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

                  Mid-Autumn festival, children round, miss in the heart; Deep friendship, infinite love, SMS send wishes; Happiness with, auspicious companion, happy every day; Family reunion, peop…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Rubber molding options

                  Utilized in the production process of rubber calender or extruder Stock preformed shape, the size is not the same process is called forming.Forming method, 1, for the manufacture…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Rubber production process

                  A wide range of rubber products, but the production process is basically the same. The basic process of rubber products in general, including solid rubber as a raw material: plasti…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Editorial staff to introduce you to how to mainta

                  Editorial staff to introduce you to how to maintain a plastic tarp Here today, the editorial staff to introduce how to make a plastic tarp maintenance? 1, the first serious study u…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  Plastic tarp technical process analysis

                  The main component of plastic tarp is non-combustible fiber with fire, and its performance is the most important high temperature, fire effect is very obvious, in addition, also h…

                • [2014-3-31]

                  How to buy a plastic tarp

                  Sales of plastic tarp for its high quality, good after-sales, loved by our customers, the market has a good reputation.Here is the introduction of high-quality plastic tarp on how…

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